So it begins…

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

A cheesy headline, I know, but I love it.  It’s classic and epic for a reason.

So it begins…

“What is beginning?”  You may ask.  I’ll tell you, it’s my first BLOG of course!!!  I’ve finally taken the step into the deep by choosing to prostitute myself on the internet so I can sell my books! Yaaaaaay!  But before I do that, let me introduce myself.

I’m Kevin.  Which is the “K” in “K.R. Krause”.  I’m a full-time graphic artist for Southeast Publications by day and a published author wishing he had more money by night.  I enjoy music and am currently learning to play guitar.  I love music, video games, movies, Netflix and of course… writing!

As of this moment I am proud to say that I have one (1) work published and available for sale.  It’s a novella called Celestial: The Fallen and is available from fine corporate overlords such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I am published through PublishAmerica.  I also have a self published work, a short story, currently available for the Kindle.  It’s called Blue Scare, which is an awesome alternate reality take on the world had JFK survived the assassination, but I’ll talk more in detail about that in a later post. 😉

Now on to the important stuff.  Why is my site called, to be frank, “in a world of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  Not my quote but it sums up my beliefs pretty well.  We live in a world of universal deceit.  That’s not opinion, it’s fact.  We lie to each other as well as ourselves day in and day out.  We are bombarded with more lies every time we turn on the radio or television or open the browser window.  Lies are often convenient and most of the time, comforting.  They hide the unpleasant truths of the world we live in, they shield us from more pain than we wish to admit to ourselves, they make life tolerable so we can get along in our day to day activities.

Now, I’m not saying all lies are bad, that’s not the case at all, but there are some that are worse than others and there are those told by people in positions of power that can do great harm if accepted as truth.  That is where the writer comes in.  For as long we’ve been “civilized”, personally I prefer the word ‘domesticated’, humankind has questioned those who’ve claimed authority over them.  It’s no dark secret that governments, kings, queens, historians et. al. are some of the greatest fiction writers of all time.  They have truly honed the craft of making people believe untruths for centuries, but like all natural systems in the world there must be balance.  There must be those that question these powers and these untruths.

That’s where artists, writers, critics and all other creative performers come into play.  We are in a war of words people.  Our world is built upon the lies and half truths of people who have no right to lead, let alone spew their propaganda upon us 24/7.  We are the new breed of soldier, the word warriors and the lyric crafters and it is up to us to continually open the minds of our fellow humans.  It is up to us to get people to think and question and realize their own potential as sovereign authorities of their own destinies and to bring forth a new wave of well crafted wordplay and not so cookie-cutter plots of the next big book so that it too can be butchered by Hollywood and made into a shell of its former greatness.  Don’t we all deserve that chance?

Join me, my friends as we take this war of words forward unto the dawn and set our imaginations free!  Join me so that together we can rule this galaxy as father and so… wait, sorry.  I slipped into a Star Wars flashback.  My bad.

What was I saying?  Oh yeah.

Don’t forget to buy my stuff.

-K.R. Krause


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