Author Interview: Celestial

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Interview
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The following is an exclusive interview with the star protagonist of Celestial: The Fallen, my first published work.  It may sound weird to interview a character that came from my own head, but hey, I’m a Writer.  I don’t need a reason to talk to myself!!!


Author: Welcome Celestial, I’m glad you could make it.Cover sketch

Celestial: Trust me when I say, I’m glad to be here.

A: I bet.  From what I’ve written, you’ve had a pretty hectic experience.

C: Yes, it was, uh, hectic if that’s the right word.

A: So, you are the central character in the novella of the same name, Celestial: The Fallen.

C: That’s correct

A: The story is about your fall from the Heaven into the fiery depths of Hell.  You discover what it means to be a truly ‘fallen angel’ but not only that.  You discover something more, something about yourself that you never knew.  The world wants to know, Celestial, because this topic has been debated for as long as humankind has written down its own history.  What is Hell like?

C: [Chuckles nervously] Well, it’s quite unpleasant, something I had never expected [pauses] but then who does?

A: I’m sure.  Can you describe specifically what was unpleasant about it?  Was it hot and fiery?  Dark and smoky, a void of isolation, what?

C: All of those things… and none of them.

A: That’s pretty cryptic.

C: It was actually cold, I mean, there was fire and smoke, but no warmth.  The wind cut through your very being.  I don’t know what it’s like for mortals, but as an Angel, I felt no connection to the Lord.  The very source of my being, the light that bore me was nowhere to be found.  You don’t know what it is to be truly alone.  As a mortal, even if you aren’t around others, you still have the Earth below you, the sky above and the animals in the brush, but Hell… you are just alone.

A: But you didn’t stay that way for long, did you?  Somebody found you, am I right?

C: You’re correct.  There were two creatures, sisters.  Both beautiful and terrifying at the same time, and certainly far from modest.

A: Yes, well that’s how I wrote them.

C: What do you mean?

A: Uh, nothing.  What happened when the sisters found you?

C: They chased me, toyed with me like a predator plays with its meal.  It was very frightening, but then they attacked me and… and…

A: It’s okay, take your time.

C: They ripped the wings from my body.  I can still feel the blood flowing from my back onto the poisonous ground.  What shreds of divinity I had left was instantly corrupted and it came back to me.  The darkness infected me and turned me into one of them.  A demon.

A: That must have been a terrible experience.

C: [Smirks] It wasn’t all bad.  It was quite dreadful at first but once I turned… well, frankly I just didn’t give a damn!  [blushes] I’m sorry, I shouldn’t use language like that.

A: It’s perfectly all right.

C: [Laughs] It was quite a journey.

A: Now on to other things.  You met the head honcho himself.  Lucifer, Satan, the Prince of Darkness and Deceit!  We’ve all heard stories of just how evil he is.  In fact he’s supposedly the first ‘evil’ if I’m not mistaken.  Tell us about him, what was he like?

C: Satan, Lucifer, was surprisingly charming and well groomed.  He was actually quite handsome.

A: Really?  I have to say, that’s surprising.

C: [leaning in closer] I’m only joking, he was actually a terrible person.  I was scared to death of him, as was everyone else who stood in front of him.

A: Oh?

C:  The well groomed demeanor was only a facade, a trick of dark magik.  His true form is too terrible to imagine, let alone describe.

A: Now that sounds like the Prince of Darkness we all know and loathe.  Now Celestial, without spoiling too many surprises in this book, can you tell us one last thing the reader might find interesting about Celestial: The Fallen?

C: Hell is a lonely place, even for Lucifer, only he’s not alone… he has a Queen.

A: Well now, with that tantalizing bit of information, I think we can wrap this up.  Celestial, thank you for taking the time to come out of my head today to do this interview.  I appreciate it, and I’m sure your readers do to.

C: You say the strangest things.

A: Yes I do.  I’m a writer.

C: Well, it’s been a pleasure.

A: Celestial: The Fallen.  It’s available now from PublishAmerica.  You can find it online through retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as on the Kindle and Nook.  I hope you enjoy reading it because I certainly enjoyed writing it.  Good night!


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