One Chapter at a Time

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Current Project
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Whew!  That was satisfying.

What?  You may ask, finishing another chapter of my next novel of course.  Not a revision, not a re-write of a previous chapter but an entirely new chapter that moves my story along and inches me one sentence closer to completion.

Unfortunately I can’t quite divulge exactly what I’m working on, not specific details anyway, but I will tell you that it involves Vampires!

Okay, seriously, you can stop groaning and/or laughing now.  I felt exactly the same way at one point.  “Vampires?  They’re so played out, I’m never going to write a vampire story!”

Naturally, that’s exactly when the inspiration for a vampire story hit me, something slightly different, slightly unique, but all ME.  So that’s what I’ve been working on for the last year or so and I’m very pleased with how it’s coming along.  The chapter I just finished was an awesome action scene where certain ‘world changing’ revelations came to light for our central female protagonist, Celeste.  Now she realizes that things are far worse than she believed them to be and come Hell or High water, she’s going to get some answers from somebody!

It was good to finish something, I feel contented now.  Until I start writing the next chapter that is. 😉



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