The Darkest Night

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Random Rants
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All that I am is breaking apart.  My hopes, dreams, my delusions and fears.  The cleansing fire has begun.  This is not the end, not even close, because even I can’t bring myself to do that, and not from a lack of wanting.  No this is a call to arms for those, like me, who have come to their breaking point and refuse to give in.  This is for those who’ve “had enough” once and for all.

Fight Fiction with Fiction.

The name of my blog finally makes sense to me.  I know now what it means to wage war with words, with ideas.  Believe me when i say we are in the middle of a war for the soul of humanity.  Everyday we answer the call of the greatest writers of fiction on the face of the Earth, those who would call themselves leaders, bosses, pundits.

Fictional authorities of a fictional society.  Every day we go to fictional jobs to endure real pain and suffering for fictional money that is used by real sociopaths to drop real bombs on real people.  We answer to fictional laws of a fictional country that is so thoroughly corrupt at its highest levels with the ravings of the mentally insane warmongers and self styled rulers that there is nothing left to fight for.

But that is their fatal weakness.  They try to break us by forcing us to play their games.  They try to destroy us when we refuse or find ways around their fictional rules that are conveniently ‘subject to change’.

The fiction has to end.  There are no countries, no laws, no masters, no enemies.  There are only people, individual sparks of consciousness with untold abilities to bring light and love into this world.  The greatest perpetual crime committed on these people by others in their fictional positions of power is the belief that we have to continue answering to them.  “They know what’s best for us.”  What complete Bullshit. I know what’s best for me and you know what’s best for you, no one else.

We are all authorities of our own lives. We are each a sovereign nation capable of great compassion and devastating hatred, but the time has come to free ourselves from the fictional chains put upon us by the cowardly monsters who think they have a right to rule.  This is the revolution.  It will not be televised, it will be written by those who refuse to comply. The artists, the rebels, the musicians… those with that creative spark driven by both pain and love to bring the light of understanding and hope into this broken world.

And for those at the brink, like I am at this very moment, I understand what it means to look into the darkest black, to face the darkest night of my soul… and to turn away from it.  My pain is the result of fictional forces conspiring to break me but I will not bow to them any more.  I am here, I am alive, I am free.

There was a time when artists and writers were burned at the stake because their ideas were considered ‘dangerous’.  Any story or idea that challenges the Official Fiction must be worth hearing.

I think it’s time we reminded the world just how dangerous we can be.  Oh, and if you want to try and stop us…

Bring it.

-K.R. Krause

  1. sghamlett says:

    Whoa! I’m right there with you! Writer to writer. Truth teller to truth teller. The artists are the foundation of culture.

    • ksquared83 says:

      Thanks. I’ve just been having a real hard time with everything going on in the world and had to vent. Indeed, someone has to stand up to the BS put out by the Gatekeepers of official fiction.

  2. ladycrysis says:

    I can feel your passion in this entry! Sadly for us passionate folks, we feel the pain a lot more than others who chose to remain “ignorant”. Keep on writing, Kev-o!

  3. Tuan Ho says:

    Brilliant, brilliant post Kevin!

    I literally put my fist into the air and shouted ‘YEAH’ as I read those last lines you wrote up there.

    Oh yes, bring it!

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