Madness, this is Madness!

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Current Project
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What a crazy few weeks its been.  Two weeks ago I nearly had a complete nervous meltdown, I had multiple buyers on eBay asking for refunds for money I no longer had because I needed groceries and gas, Boston gets bombed and subsequently shot up in a crazy police chase and this Saturday I decided to get my first piercing.

Yeah, the world is changing folks.  I won’t say for the better or worse, I’m trying to be objective here, it’s just changing!  The struggles go on. The financial hardship keeps rolling in while I try to put up with my un-fulfilling day job in the hopes that someone discovers my entire 2 works and says, “That man’s the next big thing! Let’s sign him up!” I mean really, if Fifty Shades of Grey can take off, why not my crap?  I at least have coherent sentence structure and imagination.

That’s why I keep plugging away on my vampire novel, my second book which should actually be a full length Novel, not a novella like my previous outing. I actually know what I’m doing this time so it should be pretty good by the time I’m finished.  I’ve actually been in talks with a model from Germany by the name of Niobe Noir on buying the rights to one of  her photos to use as my cover design, so I’m excited about that and will let you know when I choose a photo and will gladly show it when I’ve edited it to my specifications.

Celeste Marenson is coming alive one page at a time!  For those who don’t know, she is the central protagonist of my awesome novel. Just a young, disgruntled ex-graphic designer who’s life has been turned upside down since being infected with a mysterious disease that forces her and others like her to drink blood to survive and stay inside during the day.  Other than that, she’s just a regular girl trying to get by in a world of political bullshit and bigotry.  She’s a lot like… us, creative people, actually. Hmm. Maybe art is imitating life more than I thought it was.

Today I started another brief action scene where she meets up with friends after being on the run from government agents and undead creatures that shouldn’t exist. I love action scenes, they play out like a movie in my head and the words flow, sometimes smoothly, other times awkwardly, as I drive my heroine ever onward toward her ultimate destiny.  To blow up the Death Star survive and get justice against the evil bastard that murdered her fiance.

I hope your writing journey’s are going as swimmingly. Keep typing!

-K.R. Krause

  1. Tuan Ho says:

    If the Niobe Noir you’re talking about is the same Niobe Noir I just google image searched — and assuming people buy books based on the cover (which they certainly do because those erotic novellas with guys with 6pack abs sell like hotcakes) then you’ll definitely have a bestseller on your hands because she looks stunning lol

    • ksquared83 says:

      I imagine you’re talking about the same girl. She’s a goth/alternative model who does some leather and fetish stuff too. What sold me were the pics of her with the Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie on. I’ve already shopped some images as a test to make her look like my character and those are the ones I’m going through right now. The only issue is that it’s hard to find just the right image for the cover if the shoot was made deliberately for the book. But yeah, she’s got the look I want and I’ll definitely find something to make it work.

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