Iron Man 3? Hell Yeah!

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What can I say, I just saw Iron Man 3 on Saturday and it totally rocked!  Sure the visuals were amazing, the characters engaging, blah blah blah… but the coolest thing was the entire sub plot of how the the men behind the scenes are the true forces of evil.  There were very specific details in this movie that the general audience may not get but people like me as well as other free thinkers surely picked up on.

The “Manichean Devil” is a term used for a threat that is created for the sole purpose to justify action against a person, government, culture etc. when no other reason is justified.  “You have oil and we want it!”  But of course you have no legal recourse to take it so instead you say, “You’re communist, terrorist, evilist, whatever, and we are going to ‘defend’ ourselves and invade your country.”  It’s really just an overblown excuse to commit a crime and get away with it, which is very much at the forefront of this movie.

The other element is the secret, shadowy ‘think tank’ behind said justification which, to those who’ve studied their history, sounds an awful lot like PNAC or Project for a New American Century.  This group of lovely people essentially outlined a militant American domination of the world throughout all sectors, economic, cultural, military etc. and even went so far as to say something along the lines of “without a second catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor, we cannot achieve said goals.”  Then 9/11 happened and, coincidentally I’m sure, we have since achieved almost all of their stated goals at the expense of the people and their liberties.

Which raises another question.  Why would this deliberate information be coming out in a major Hollywood blockbuster like Iron Man 3?  Hollywood is the foremost tool of the CIA and other corporate elite for propaganda purposes, so why are they being so blatant in telling us these things?  Are they gloating?  Are they making their contempt for freedom and civil rights so obvious to those with an eye out that they expect us to take action against them? Or is just an honest filmmaker wanting to expose the truth through art like so many others are trying to do?  I mean, for Christs sake they basically said that Osama Bin Laden was a made up character to the audience!! That had to be approved by someone!

But yeah, this movie totally rocked. I would recommend it to both the average movie goer as well as the more open minded and aware enjoyer of the moving picture screen.

Keep fighting fiction with fiction, friends.

-K.R. Krause


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