Memorial Day: What are we memorializing?

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Random Rants
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This is my disclaimer.  I am not disrespecting those who have served in the military, nor am I disparaging their sacrifices, but… as an objective human being responsible for my own actions I have to question the barrage of hype and propaganda that Memorial Day brings with it.

Like so many internet memes, the word “Freedom” and “Sacrifice” is thrown around like confetti at a parade.  Those words have been so overused that the masses have forgotten what they mean.  As more laws are passed and more civil liberties are stripped away we still hear people say, “We’re Free!” even though reality is contradictory to that statement.  Some will fall back on the tired and equally overused rebuttal by saying, “Well, you’re free to post your opinions aren’t you?”  As if to say the ability to post my thoughts in a public forum is equal to the right to not have every aspect of culture and society controlled by corporate influence.  It doesn’t matter if I’m free to post my opinion if the mindset of the people is one of giving default credibility to established institutions without question.  Freedom means nothing if no one is willing to question the establishment. Sacrifice is meaningless if nothing ever changes.

I have great respect for soldiers and those in the service.  They endure amazing trials of strength, courage and will. I have more respect for them than I do for average people who continue to bleat about how free they are while they flounder on the sofa shoveling genetically modified chips into their face while flipping through 300 channels of intellectual garbage on the television.  I choose to honor soldiers not by waving a flag around and proclaiming how “free” i am but by doing what I’m doing right now, using what freedom I have left to try and get others to think objectively about the world in which they live and to see through the curtain of lies and propaganda that are being force fed to us on a daily basis.  I honor them by DOING something, not by REPEATING something.

If you wish to honor those who’ve served and sacrificed.  Stop sending our young people to die in wars for corporate profit.  WW II was truly the last Great War.  The atomic age changed the rules and ended global conflict in ways we still can’t imagine.  Which is why ever since, warfare has resided in the arena of covert operations.  Conflicts are manufactured by those who profit from them. The advancement of weaponry is the goal of war now. It doesn’t matter if it works or not so long as you make money from it. So what sacrifice is worth anything in this profit driven orgy of death and destruction?

If you want to honor those who’ve served, give them access to proper mental health care. More veterans are dying each day from suicide than active combat, but where is their sacrifice being honored on the 24 hour news stations? These soldiers are ignored and forgotten because they didn’t die the heroically noble deaths of those on the front lines, even though they fought just as hard. Their stories don’t fit the celebrated propaganda of the Hero. Go ahead, ask a combat tested soldier if they’re a hero. See how many of them say yes. War is a dirty business and not all scars are visible.

If you want to honor those who’ve served, turn off the television and do something worthwhile.  Join a rally, start a group, educate people, just do SOMETHING!  Even if you are misguided or misinformed, just adding your voice to the public dialogue gives us one more perspective to view the world from and takes us farther away from the singular grand design of the corporate powers that now own every aspect of government and media.  Be yourself.

Lastly, if you want to honor those who’ve served. Stop fighting for freedom and live FREELY. You, above all are responsible for defending your freedom. You are a sovereign human being, an objective observer, a silent guardian of peace and justice. Your choices and actions are what shape this world, so think and listen before you make them.

Honor those who’ve sacrificed.

Live Free.

-K.R. Krause


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