Review of The 13th Juror: The MLK Assassination Conspiracy Trial

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This is a review I wrote on Amazon for a very important book.

The 13th Juror
~MLK the Truth, LLC
Required Reading for MLK Historians, June 21, 2013
By Ksquared83

This is as raw and real as it gets. A little known civil trial brought by the King family against the owner of a small restaurant across from the Lorraine motel. Loyd Jowers. This trial happened in 1999 thanks to one Wiliiam Pepper and was probably the most significant accounting of facts and contradictions to the assassination of MLK that the mainstream media completely ignored. We’ve all been taught about James Earl Ray, which is perhaps why no one has taught us about this trial because everything in this transcript goes against the official story. The witnesses, the evidence presented and more important of all, the implications of the jury’s guilty verdict against Jowers casts a shadow over not just the the MLK assassination but all the other major assassinations of the 60’s.

JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcom X. The deaths of these men changed this country in ways that are still being felt today yet the gatekeepers of “truth” and “justice” would rather turn a blind eye to the evidence that has come out since that blatantly contradicts the official story of the mythical “lone gunman” arguement.

This book is the official transcript of the entire trial. You’ll read the words as though you’re sitting on the juror. You’ll hear what they heard. You’ll judge the credibility of the witnesses for yourself and come to your own conclusions by the end. The verdict and various points of the testimony can certainly be debated, as any good trial should be, but the more telling, and chilling, fact that you should take away from this book’s existence is the complete LACK of coverage in the mainstream media. Every year we celebrate MLK’s legacy and every year we’re told how the “evil, racist James Earl Ray” snuffed out the great flame that was Martin Luther King’s life and yet not one pundit or newspaper columnist in a major publication reminds us of this “trial of the century” that should have turned everything we know about our history as a country on its head.

Perhaps… that’s exactly how ‘they’ want it to be.

Thankfully, this trial did occur and this transcript does exist for study and sourcing. If you care at all about truth and justice or if you just want to know how our country got to where it is today, pick up this book. Give it to a teacher, a professor, a lawyer anyone who you think will understand the full implications of this event. We have to stand strong by educating ourselves and asking questions. We can’t be cowed into silence like so many of the witnesses in this book had been. Truth must never be allowed to die because it’s the only thing we have left.

-K. R. Krause

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    I haven’t read the book but I did look in to this trail. It’s a shame when the King family knows that James Earl Ray did Not kill MLK. The government to my way of thinking did this to further separate the races. A country divided by race is easy to take down.

    • ksquared83 says:

      I agree. Also if the shroud of one assassination is unraveled then all the others are in danger of being unraveled too. The establishment makes it taboo to talk about in media circles.

  2. Tuan Ho says:

    Wow! Sounds fascinating! šŸ™‚

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