My Country is Run by “Madmen” and “Psychopaths”.

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This is the conclusion I’ve come to after reading the Untold History of The United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.  I have also finished watching their accompanying television series on blu-ray, which is by far an easier to digest albeit very informative version of the book.

Why do I say my country is run by Madmen and Psychopaths? Well for starters these terms were used in one particular chapter concerning President Nixon and Henry Kissinger and their brutal bombing campaigns of Vietnam, but the title is well earned by many other members of civilian and military leadership that have come afterwards.  The book starts with the lead up to World War I and follows the sordid history of war profiteering and big business empire building all the way through to President Obama, the show starts with WWII and continues to the same end, but what is most disturbing about this dark history is the overbearing and concerted effort of big business and powerful moneyed interests in creating problems which they they then exploit to the detriment of all humankind.

From the American industries that supported Nazi fascism to the CIA’s overthrow of multitudes of Latin American governments and subsequent support of the most brutal dictators the world has ever seen, it is obvious to the objective observer as to why it is so disingenuous to proclaim that the United States is the “greatest country in the world.” We are bullies, plain and simple. The people are puppets to be used by those psychopathic war mongers and right wing reactionaries to further their twisted perceptions on the world to the detriment of the common man.  Because of this, brave and forward thinking men like Henry Wallace are lost to a corrupt history written by those very interests who profit from war.

This series is not easy to watch or read. If you believe the blatant propaganda that has been shoved down our throats, you will be angered by what you see and hear, but it is too important not to hear it.  We live in an Orwellian nightmare that I suspect is worse than any George Orwell himself could have imagined.  It’s a world where facts are purposely expunged from school texts and the population is deliberately dumbed down by legislation and rhetoric.  We live in a world that has forgotten the many anti-war protests that existed in the 1940’s as well as the American interests that rejoiced in Hitler’s rise to power, one of which being run by Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush. We live in a world shrouded in myth and fairytales about the heroic deeds of our soldiers while ignoring the horrendous costs inflicted upon them by the policies influenced by Wall Street. We believe ourselves to be great without acknowledging the slaughter of innocent peasants for the sake of  “free trade” and the movement of resources from the third world. Most importantly, we live in a world that has forgotten how to think and question the word of our so called “leaders” who, in light of our true history, have no right to lead.

This series will open your eyes to the dark underbelly of the myth of American Exceptionalism and the cult of Capitalism that has wreaked untold devastation upon the world. It should be required viewing in classrooms around the country, but no doubt will be kept out of public discourse in spite of the documented facts.  If you haven’t gotten it yet, get it now.

Educating yourself is possibly one of the greatest acts of non-violent rebellion you can do in this utterly insane world in which we live.

Keep fighting the fiction.

-K.R. Krause


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