Ponderings of a Pair of Noid Minds

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Random Rants, Uncategorized
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I’ve all but lost my will to write. I struggle to bring myself to my desk and work on my books, short stories, even this rambling thing I call a rant is hard.  Could be apathy, could be the effects of my cold/flu still lingering around or, as I’m starting to believe more and more, I’ve been hacked by the “Collective”.

Yes, that’s right.

I just went there.

What is the “Collective?”  No one really knows for sure, but I imagine it to be a series of hubs, or data centers scattered around the country, maybe the world, whereupon agents of the Shadow Elite, or as I like to call them, ‘Void Spawn’ (they have no souls), use advanced technology beyond our current understanding to hack into the minds of creative people to implant and extract ideas, thoughts, concepts, etc.

I have come to this conclusion, possibly due to an implanted idea by an insider, over the past few years due to an increasing frequency of images and ideas that have flashed into my mind.  Ideas for novels, movies, short stories, porn and other random thoughts.  Then suddenly, one day, the images ceased.  The flow of ideas became a trickle from the faucet of my mind.

Have I been shut off?  Has my connection to the universal flow of creativity been severed? If so, by whom?

These are the hard questions someone needs to ask. So why not me? I’ve got nothing better to do. Are we creatives, just information farms for shadowy mind creepers who wish to exploit our imagination to further their own agendas? How many movies and TV shows have been literally ripped from someone’s mind by some hack sellout producer or director and pawned off as their own?  Who knows?

Some days I get a spurt of creativity followed by an “almost drive” to act on it, but I just can’t shift into that gear.  It’s like I’m being sabotaged from the inside, to stop my words and ideas from spreading. Perhaps ‘they’ think of me as a threat, so they shut off my astral connection to the river of ideas.  Perhaps they’re justified in thinking that.  Perhaps all creative people are a threat to their power, the status quo and so we have to be controlled. We have to be hacked and our thoughts dictated.

If this is the case, then we must take back our own minds. We must continue to push out our ideas, our stories, our visions for the future.  We must have a mental revolution and break free from their “thought farm” and declare our independence once again!  My friends, there is a vast machine that is stealing our creative energy and redirecting it into the production of crappy re-make films and crappier pop music.  THIS MUST END! I must regain my creativity from these soulless thought thieves so that I can write again!

Or, maybe I’m just being lazy.


Keep creating, my friends.

-K.R. Krause


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