How does this thing work, again?

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

So I’m trying to build some semblance of credibility as an author so I’ve decided to start blogging again.  Truth be told, I’ve been too apathetic and depressed for the last few decades months to bring myself enough courage to write. Literally every writing podcast I’ve listened to, every audiobook I played on my iPhone, and ever article I shared made me more depressed because it reminded me of how much I’m NOT WRITING.

Naturally, I let that cruel, comforting fruit of existential sorrow get me down until I did literally nothing but play videogames and contemplate a long, slow, diabetic death trip down McFlurry Suicide Mountain.  Well no more. No mas, I say!! That changes today and from here on as I fully intend to write SOMETHING every day, whether I post it or not!

I’m a starving artist intent on clawing my way out of the graveyard of broken dreams and half baked ideas until I find some GODDAMNED money meaningful purpose in my own existence!!

As such, I’ve dusted off the ol’ Blog, and have created my official Author page on FB, here.  But I need help! I need inspiration and word of mouth momentum for the few things I have actually written as well as  a cold, hard pile of cash meaninful advice and constructive criticism to help make my stories something the public wants to read and not demand a refund even though it’s a free promotion you arrogant sh*thead and pass on to their loved ones.

So please, let’s take this journey together, you and me. You on your side of the computer screen, and me safely on mine with the power to block all the negative douchebags who want to talk trash, and let’s make this a success!

Mine truly,

K.R. Krause


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