The Fallen

Cover Art designed by K.R. Krause

Oct. 28 2016


As I have evolved in my writing skills over the years since I first published Celestial: The Fallen it has become increasingly clear to me that the ‘final product’ was far from ‘final’ and hardly a quality product.  Still the idea of my first book is a fascinating one and in the true spirit of American entertainment, I’ve decided to do a re-boot.

Specifically, I’m actually re-writing the entire book, expanding and clarifying the themes and ideas I’d presented in my initial outing to produce something familiar but still entirely new.  I’ve purchased my publishing rights back so the book and it’s words are officially mine to do with as I please.

Amazon’s Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing service have made it possible for truly independent authors, such as myself, to have full control of our our product from start to finish.  This is my intention though I am willing to hear other options from smaller publishers who have fair rates and services.

Ultimately, it comes down to my wanting to produce a product that I can truly be proud to reveal to my readers.  I was proud of my original, but looking back on it now it is safe to say that it was merely a sketch of the actual story I want to tell.  It helped make me who I am as a writer and because of that the story of Celestial’s struggle to escape Hell deserves a more refined and satisfying approach.

Onward to better things!

-K.R. Krause


About Celestial:

It was a hot summer in 2004.  I was home from college for my summer break and on a drive home from an afternoon out with my parents, a strange thing happened.  The radio was tuned to the classic rock station as was customary with my dad behind the wheel and a jolly tune was playing over the waves.  I heard the the following:

Fire is the Devil’s only friend
And, as I watched him on the stage my hands were clenched in fists of rage
No angel born in Hell could break that Satan’s spell.

The song was American Pie and in that single line ‘No angel born in Hell could break that Satan’s spell’ an idea came to me.  Summer break from college was only three weeks long but I really had nothing else to do at home so I sat and wrote.  Wrote and sat, got up, got a snack… sat back down and wrote some more.  I had never written a book before nor did i think I would be able to complete one in such a short time period, but boredom tends to encourage exploration into one’s imagination.

Celestial was the avatar with which I was going to explore a very Dantesque vision of Hell, and what a journey it was.  The thing that has always bothered me about widespread perceptions of Hell and Satan is the idea that there is no turning back from the darkness.  Once you’re there, you’re stuck there for eternity.  Well, reality tends to suggest that no matter how vile or evil a person may be, they can always change for the better and this was a theme I wanted to carry on throughout this book.

Celestial was more than a mortal, more than a common person full of flaws and temptation, but when she succumbed to such “sins”, her fall into the darkness would prove to be much more of a challenge than a common mortal.  I wanted her to be turned into the very thing angels feared the most, a creature cut off from their divine source of love and light.  She couldn’t be just another slave for the fields, oh no, she had to become a demon, a mistress of the Dark Lord himself.  This was to be her test.

Being my first book, I didn’t have much knowledge of how to compose a story or plot the character’s development or anything like that, I just had a raw passion to get the images and feelings out of my head and into the word processor.  While I wrote this book from beginning to end in the span of three weeks, I spent the better part of a year refining it, editing it, tweaking it and ultimately letting it sit until I found a link on a random webpage to a company I’d never heard of before.  PublishAmerica, now America Star Publishing.

Reading their pitch, they said they’d never make an author pay to publish with them, unlike most self publishing  houses where you can spend literally thousands of dollars to publish a book.  It sounded too good to be true but I shrugged and said, “what the hell, why not.”  I submitted my manuscript and waited for a response, the wait was surprisingly short considering they catered to new authors.  They said they’d publish it, all I had to do was read and sign a contract and give them some input about my cover design, which I drew by hand and painted in Photoshop by the way.  Even up to the moment I received my first author copies of the book I was skeptical, but they delivered.  I had a bound and printed book that was available through major distribution houses for websites like Amazon and B&N.  That was my first step into the world of writing and I haven’t looked back since.

-K.R. Krause

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