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It’s January 25.  Five days have passed since the inauguration of a proven con-man, failed business owner, and generally repugnant human being known as Donald J. Trump.  The air of unreality is still thick around the majority of Americans wondering just how the HELL THIS HAPPENED, (hint: Hillary shafted Bernie Sanders), but it’s almost pointless to worry about that now.  It happened.  Trump is President ::gags:: and now we have to deal with it for his remaining four years.


Artists and creatives have long been the target of extreme right wing attacks, censorship and persecution, just look at the Hollywood Ten for example.  The CIA and FBI both, also  extreme right wing, possibly Fascist, organizations have a long and documented history of infiltrating leftist and progressive organizations around the world and sabotaging them from within.  From COINTELPRO to outright assault against musicians like Tupac Shakur, it’s been clear to those willing to dig through declassified government files that the far Right has been waging war against anything deemed remotely leftist.

As vile Emperor and Sith Lord Palpatine has said, “Those who gain power are afraid to lose it.”  Of course he was talking smack about the Jedi, who probably could’ve benefited from being a bit more flexible with their doctrines I admit, but doing so as a way to manipulate Anakin Skywalker.  Does this sound familiar to you?  It should because Donald Trump is a fucking SITH LORD who just duped millions of generally decent, hard working Americans into voting for him!

Now everyone thinks they’re goddamned Darth Vader and that they have the right to decide who lives and dies, who gets a job and who gets force choked depending on the color of their skin or sexual orientation!  Let’s not forget the ACTUAL fucking racists, Neo-Nazis, and Klansmen who openly support Trump because they believe he’s some kind of golden haired demigod who’s going to make the white race great again. (if you believe that, I have a Death Star to sell you. Paypal only please.)

Already basic human rights and dignities are being signed away by executive order and fellow human beings from around the world will be put in further danger as the massive, over-bloated Imperial US military continues to wage war on other human beings, (not even terrorists, just people pissed off at watching their families get drone bombed and wanting revenge) so that military contractors and Wall St. Robber barrons can continue to funnel wealth to themselves and out of the US economy, because funding schools, fixing our roads, and ensuring people can eat and pay their bills after being let go is FUCKING EVIL SOCIALISM am I right?

It’s pretty clear to most people who’ve fallen on hard times, myself included, that the other half of America just collectively said, “Fuck poor people” and “if you don’t like America just go elsewhere (to where our jobs went)” so we can now live under the tyrannical rule of a real life Oompa Loompa and his fellow crony capitalists.  Now I understand what the Browncoats in Firefly felt like living in occupied territory, but I’ll just let Mal say it for me, he’s better at it.

Damn, I almost forgot how goddamn moving that speech was.  Also, since Firefly is a work of fiction created by the masterful Joss Whedon, it serves as yet another example of why art, writing, and creativity in general is so important.  You can spew facts and figures all day long to someone who disagrees with you, but something truly magical happens when you present that same evidence in a magical vessel called ‘fiction’.  You see, when you incorporate truth in fiction, you can attach it to the necessary emotions that make people feel empathy and come to understand what being on the other side is truly like.

That my friends is why we must continue to fight, to write, to make music, to be subversive and cause offense.  Empathy is what America needs now more than ever, not authoritarianism, not religion or cheap campaign slogans.  We need to understand that we are all people, even the assholes (except NAZIs, fuck them), and that we need to evolve our thinking beyond simple obedience and Lemming-like behavior.

In a world of ‘alternative facts,’ now more than ever we need to fight fiction with fiction.

-K.R. Krause


Today was a fine day.  Work was relatively easy and free of drama, I received my copy of Firefly on blu-ray from Amazon and, lastly I had my final session with my Therapist.

It was a fine day and a fine end to a journey that started nearly two years ago when I was staring down the darkest reflection of myself. Everything was crushing down on me, my finances, my job, the corruption of the shallow, materialistic world in which we live and the ever present loneliness of not having someone I could share my pain with.  I wanted to escape, I couldn’t take it anymore and in that brief glimmer of destitution I thought with deadly seriousness about doing the one thing I had tried so hard to avoid. I wanted to take my own life.

[cue sorrowful music]

Fortunately, the stubborn glutton for punishment that I am refused to give in.  I must clarify here that I never actually tried to kill myself, I only seriously considered it and being someone who’s empathy and imagination is so hyperactive that I could live out the various scenarios of exactly how I would end my mortal suffering with vivid, almost hallucinogenic detail, I quickly frightened myself out of the dark thoughts and decided to get help instead.

[cue upbeat music of determination]

So I sought out the help of someone who I could go to so that I may express my feelings and, lo and behold, my search brought me to my therapist Alice.  I had never spoken to a therapist before and being the paranoid conspiracy theorist that I am, was somewhat hesitant.  I had nothing to fear though.  She let me speak, vent, rage whatever it was that I wanted to get out and so I did.  After the first two sessions I felt better. All I needed was someone willing to listen without judgement, scorn or pity.  Thanks to her I started attending my writing critique group, which has led to vast improvement in my writing skills.  She encouraged me to take charge of my life both at home and work, and so I did.  I had my ups and downs, but she was there, like a safety net ready to catch me if I fell toward the shadows again.

Today is a fine day, indeed.  I’m going strong on my second book, a full length novel, I have just today scheduled my first book signing at a local cafe in Boca Raton and I am currently in a relationship with a truly awesome girl who served me more white mochas at the Barnes & Noble cafe than I can keep track of.  As of today, my life is exactly how I had hoped and prayed for it to be just two years ago, and it’s not ending anytime soon.

Unless our government kills us all.  But that’s another story for another post.

Today is a good day and I intend to enjoy the hell out of it.  I hope you do so as well.

-K.R. Krause